Monday, September 06, 2004

Arnold Schwarzenegger ha fatto il suo discorso per i repubblicani a New York. Ha cacciato così tante falsità che è difficile credere che sia veramente il governatore della California.

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The jokes in Eastern Europe shared pretty much the same form — Kundera's wonderful novel The Joke, which talks about Czechoslovakia in the '60s and the '70s in which the entire society had become a joke. Nobody took anything seriously including the party leaders. Everybody told jokes, and the secret police spread them. So everybody was in on them, laughing, the whole thing was collapsing.

Un sito fotografico sulla Romania che si degrada progressivamente ocn le visite del pubblico.

I have to say that the general mood was pretty upbeat, considering that there might have been a bomb nearby. I think everybody had the same thought as I did -- who would care to bomb Bucharest airport? One man handed out "Merci" chocolates that were clearly intended for someone waiting outside the terminal. Another man gave me a bottle of water for David. Children started playing with each other. People smiled.


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