Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Big reblog note to self - non ho più tempo nè voglia

Eyebeam Reblog: Speaking of independent film & copyright . . . Triggerstreet & Kevin Spacey Flipping through Film Festival Today, I came across an article about actor Kevin Spacey's project Triggerstreet, an on-line community for indie filmmakers and screenwriters.
Tween: "Tonight I'm gonna be your Watermelon Love." Although it’s in its fourth year, Mesh is news to me. Maybe that’s because I’m over here in the U.S. of A. and Mesh is a distinctly British event, open only to UK digital animators.

Infocult: Smoke, Issue 4 Rejoice! London, Rejoice! There's a new issue of the magnificent Smoke magazine out and about. All you favourite characters return: Anatomy of London; Bus of the Month; Words Found Written on the Steamed-Up Windows of Late-Night Buses, The Astonishing Routemaster, and London's Campest Statues is now joined by London's Daintiest Garage, which is declared to be Bloomsbury Service Station. (I walk past this little gem twice a day.) Some excerpts.

Filmoculous: Game Culture: A Glimpse into the Present Today, I want to touch on a few topics related to game culture -- and how it is intersecting with movies, music, and digital communication. I know, that intro sentence sounds about as fun as an a capella Bjork album (oh wait!). So instead of getting pedantic, let's look at the gaming landscape by pointing out new phenomena in digital entertainment, with a focus on how gaming is intersecting all mediums. This isn't necessarily a cohesive essay with a single point, but I hope it's more than another "Synergy of The Matrix" piece. Let's just call this a scrappy collection of thoughts about various gaming (i.e., digital interactive media) trends that have been of recent fascination to me.

Moorish Girl: "Please Write More Garbage," Said the Agent: And Other Adventures Toward Publishing a First Novel

Sensory Impact: IDANDA I was meaning to link this this site for a while - IDANDA is a nice little monthly online zine that presents interesting new design work from the worlds of design, advertising, fashion and more. Check it out.

Totalitarianism Today: Buy a copy of Birth of the Prison and mail it to your Commander-In-Chief. You have probably never heard about the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, but its "findings" might play a significant role in the next administration's approach to prescription drug subsidies.

Winds of Change: Kyrgyzistan's Plutonium Dealers Captain Ed has a report from Kyrgyzistan stating that 2 men have been arrested while trying to sell plutonium. We explain why it's wise to be cautious of such reports.
Can't Win for Losing Beyond the beyond: RUSSIA: Analysis: Russia - between terror and corruption (Radio Free Europe, RFE-RL, 28 September 2004).

Collision Detection: Ban Comic Sans You've undoubtedly seen Comic Sans, the Microsoft font that attempts to look like classic comic-balloon writing. It doesn't, of course: Quite the contrary, it is a "painful and inadequate usurpation of comicbook style lettering", as blogger Brandon Rickman correctly puts it.

We make money not art: Download, Peel and Stick Inspired by graffiti, posters and the Web culture, stickers are now recognized as an artistic phenomenon.

Uni Watch 1 Come portare il tasso di cazzeggio di Brando's Version verso nuove vette? Semplice attraverso una rubrica che unisca la futilit√† della moda con il nazionalpopolare del calcio e dello sport italiano in genere. E' con questo intento che nasce Uni Watch, rubrica tributaria sin dal nome della colonna tenuta da Paul Lukas su In questi pezzo si tenterà di volta in volta di mettere in risalto tendenze, fregnacce e stili riguardanti tutto quanto √® vestiario nel mondo dello sport, con un' occhio di riguardo al mondo del calcio italiano.

Jean Snow: Dawn of the Shibuya-kei Dead Thoughts on Shibuya, as Momus spends his last day in Tokyo. Now, my first reference to Shibuya-kei on my website came in September 1998, when I declared Shibuya-kei dead. Well, I may have been a bit premature. I come today to tell you that Shibuya-kei is no longer dead. Perhaps it never was, or perhaps it’s walking undead. It’s back, like a Pucci Lolita, like a snapshot in a cherished copy of FRUiTS magazine.


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