Monday, December 20, 2004

Consumismo, cultura di massa e acidità sociale

Due articoli impegantivi, che segnalo insieme anche per non perderli (ho perso il login di Se non avete un quarto d'ora vi sconsiglio di aprirli: è roba moderatamente impegnativa.

Flame Wars o Fluff Wars
If you eradicate flaming, or the potential for it, then you eradicate the chance of that perspective. You socially engineer a "kitsch" group. By getting rid of flame wars, you beckon in fluff wars (where the fighting tends to go : "you're nice" - "oh no you're nicer" - "oh nooo, you're nicer"). Heartily sickening stuff.

Do you hate consumer culture?
As Pierre Bourdieu reminds us, taste is first and foremost distaste—disgust and “visceral intolerance” of the taste of others. This makes it easy to see how the critique of mass society could help drive consumerism.


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