Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Secondo hand

> The used bookstore is not the kind of place you visit to find a specific book. It is where you shop because a good accident is likely to happen.

> This is the downside of one-to-many personalized media: An insomniac billionaire wearing Kleenex boxes for bedroom slippers, inflicting his monomaniacal fascination with Ice Station Zebra on disgruntled viewers for the trillionth time. The upside is a blog like Kottke’s, which might feature a single daily post. Or 10. Or none. It can be about anything. Or the proverbial, Seinfeld-ian nothing.

Ecco perchè ho quasi smesso coi mercatini e i dischi usati, sempre lì che batte la lingua: weblogs. Considerazioni personali a parte, i due link sono articoli interessanti (sconsigliati a chi è fuori dalle menate interne del blogging).


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