Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Una lunga frase dall'editor/blogger di Gridskipper (il nuovo sito di viaggi della galassia Gawker), sul guest editing a Fleshbot. Non รจ roba facile da trovare e mi sembra strano che nessuno dei blogger/giornalisti l'abbia fatta. Le considerazioni in prima persona di chi sta bloggando per soldi, non le pippe mentali sul sesso degli angeli.

"My part-time guest stint on Fleshbot is now over and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm breathing a little sigh of relief. That shit is hard, least of all the actual writing part. I only had to do six posts a day but the detail and double-checking that goes into each one to make sure the links hadn't been posted before and that there's enough supplementary content to make a meaty post (sorry, it's unavoidable) was infinitely more time-consuming in comparison to my Gawker guest-editing. "


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