Friday, March 18, 2005

Roadkill: real connection to the meat

Now the 25-year-old enjoys roadkill regularly with his friends. Last fall, they found two deer and spent three days preparing the carcasses in their campus-area house; the hide from one of them is still hanging in the basement, waiting to be tanned.

Erisbright and his friends are not alone. Activists all over the country are being inspired by an organization called Wildroots. Located on a 30-acre homestead in North Carolina, these "green anarchists" are critical of modern society and believe that reconnecting with wildness will abolish the oppressive institutions of civilization.

Members of Wildroots live a primitive lifestyle and practice earth-based skills, like primitive shelter building, hide tanning, herbal medicine and crafts.
Alternative food sources, like roadkill, are essential to their cause, as is outreach, and the group travels the country promoting their lifestyle at conferences and workshops. One of their publications, a zine called Feral Forager, details how to eat roadkill.

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